NGNC Bridge

Bridge Webhooks


Webhooks are used to communicate updates on transaction initiated with our API or SDK. For every transaction initiated, a POST request is sent to the designated Webhook URL with information about the event transactions.


All Webhook requests are sent with a bridge-webhook-secret header for verification. It should match the secret you passed when creating the webhook.

Sample webhook format

Below is a sample payload response of a webhook event that gets sent to your webhook URL.
// Sample webhook payload response
"event": "",
"payload": {
"transaction_id": "645c329afc3ac414bf70f9a1",
"business": {
"business_id": "0847363729"
"type": "Buy",
"reference": "0984938271",
"amount": 25639.55,
"link_account_name": "Okemdinachi Nwaejie",
"link_account_number": "8180789670",
"link_bank_name": "Wema Bank",
"account_number": "3338900202",
"bank_name": "Providus Bank",
"link_tag": "Link_eng",
"network": "Avalanche",
"wallet_address": "x.fie9383jEU8394jdnc",
"date_created": "May 11, 2023"

Webhook Events

This event provides all information associated with every transaction request i.e On/Off Ramp
This event provides updates on the status of Live transactions, eg "Completed / Failed". Note: transaction updates are provided only to live transactions, all test transactions carry an automatic status of completed.